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We are proud to present the trapping industry’s best quality and most up-to-date fur harvesting DVDs available. Paul Trepus of Inzana Outfitters is considered an expert in the field and has authored several instructional DVDs for trapping and harvesting of wolves, coyotes, beavers and other fur bearers. Paul’s latest presentation – Survival Snaring offers important information and tips to those who want to learn how to survive in the wilderness by catching their own food.  This video will show you how to catch squirrels, rabbits, grouse and even fish using approved snaring methods that are easy to apply and require minimal materials.

Watch the  DVD Promo trailer for the new Survival Snaring Training DVD and then order your own copy.  If you are a trapper or outdoorsman or just someone who wants to learn more about wilderness survival then our instructional video will be an invaluable resource for your library.

You can purchase our video securely online through our store and we will send you your own copy.  Our videos retail for $49.95 plus tax and we ship for $5 anywhere in Canada or the USA.

We have begun to offer our services as an expert consultant for organizations and clients who need or want to know more about wolf trapping and predator control. View our list of consulting presentations and contact us if you are interested.

If you want to practice what you have learned, you may want to purchase some trapping and snaring supplies from our online store at  We have a great selection of parts and supplies – everything you need to get started on your own trapline adventures.

We offer secure online shopping on our Wolf Trapping site as well as several other instructional training videos from Paul Trepus for trappers and hunters.  You can view promo videos and then purchase the DVD for delivery anywhere in Canada or the US.

If you are interested in hunting in BC for Bears, Moose or Wolves please visit our sister site – Inzana Outfitters to book a Canadian Hunting Trip. We also offer trapline adventures on our working trapline within our exclusive hunting territory in northern BC, Canada.

Wishing you good trapping, hunting and fishing
Paul Trepus


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NEW from Paul Trepus Master Trapper

Learn how to survive in the Great Outdoors.

This video teaches you how to use professional fur harvesting techniques and materials to capture birds, fish, squirrels, rabbits and bigger game in a survival situation. Paul takes you out into the field onto his registered trapping area to teach these snaring techniques. This video could serve as a valuable resource for anyone who spends time in wilderness.

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